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Monday, January 09, 2006

Blood sugar's not sexy, not majik

A truly terrifying story in the New York Times today, about the exponential, nay explosive growth in diabetes in the New York conurbation. Nearly one in eight of all New Yorkers - 800,000 adults - are now diabetic.

It's shocking not just because of the numbers, not just because of the other illnesses the diease can trigger, not just because it now means that it it is a bigger killer than AIDS in the city - but the the chilling thought that, seeing as the UK has broadly followed US dietary patterns in the last 50 years, a proportionally similar (if not as immediately large) incidence of the disease is likely here as well. Indeed, word has it that the infection rates in the Asian community in NW London are hitting similarly high levels, dietary and genetic reasons being prime causes.

(You'll most likely need to subscribe to the Old Grey Lady to see the full horror.)


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