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Thursday, January 05, 2006

A taxonomy; or crypticism explained

Expect irregular discourse (although the immediate mistype I made, discurse, makes more sense) on some, many, all or none of the following:

Applause: celebrating the words &c of others

Capsule: (s), short, or possibly longer, gobbets on music &c

Commercial: brands and any other money-making craziness, plus plugs for and by anyone/thing else who would like me to shill for them

Correspondence: suitably interesting, bowlderized and reasonably long emails between others, significant or not

Drafts: of other non-being beta works in, um, beta

Fiction: obviously

Grist. Mill. Discuss: observations on libertarianism, and why the people won't stop nannying you, me and your favourite asthmatic teen actress. May in time evolve into a manifesto for a UK-based libertarian (or social market) party. Will clearly need help with this

Juvenilia: various items, pre 2004

List: (s), of the more esoteric type. And yes, this is clearly inspired by those books. But hopefully these will be a bit more esoteric

Nanofictions: three sentences and the truth. Should generally be short enough to be delivered by SMS, should anyone want to take me up on the offer

The sub editor's fear of the semi-colon: an ex layout sub reads print publications too closely, and smugly spots errors

Tour: details and fragments picked up when I'm not here.

Blends/collisions of genres possible. Items not falling comfortably into any category, or have been worked on and still won't fit dammit, will be unheaded. Don't treat them like the orphans they clearly are - they have feelings too, you know.


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