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Monday, June 11, 2018

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 50

BetaRish is...

Onwards, onwards

Props to anyone giving ashes this Valentine’s day

Life skills they don’t teach you: how to deal with low-level uncertainty

And then we begin again

Magic is as magic does

Remind me never to complain about not being busy. #whydoikeepsayingyes

Friday will mostly be brought to you by grumbles about email tone and back pain

I’d vote for the party that delivers adult snow days

Bereft, as I forgot my fountain pen again

I’ll let you know when I feel my face again

Hello hello I see some industry had its work outing last night

Nose / glass / press

Not sure I have all the words I need today

Whipjack Friday

Spring rain, spring sneezes

Leading from the desk today

So how did you spend that one day of Spring?

I appear to have misplaced an hour

Apparently the modern world’s answer to the productivity crisis is duplication of my effort

keeps getting the ideas / time ratio wrong

If the sea is analogue, does that make the sky digital?

Oh hayfever up yours (or rather up my nose)

April skies a little bit too April-ish for my taste

There should be a sporting event called the ‘Hyper Bowl’. Imagine the hyperbole around it
Look, I like grey; I have nothing against grey, appreciate its calm balancedness. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE CAN THERE BE A BLUE SKY AGAIN, JUST ONCE?

Sun’s out, grumps out, apparently

Oh hayfever up yours (nose, specifically)

Oh Cheltenham, I am bringing you snot

At this stage, I can’t tell whether it’s hayfever or a cold

Work/cough/work/sneeze/work/blow nose

New growth market: Bitcoin but for my snot

Go on Spring, stay sprung

Looks like we made it

Thinking about the sea again

Oh plans, I knew ye once

How is the day running away from me already?

First in the studio means all three Super Discount LPs ready to go

Has the bunting come down yet?

On the edge… of what I know not

Sleep shouldn’t still be in my eyes three hours after waking up, right?

has a rattlesnake handshake

Red shirt in the morning, words will be burning

Last night I dreamt Richard Skinner had developed a special course for me: ‘How to write your novel by learning from DJs’ – the guest tutor was DJ Shadow

Was Doubting Thomas doubtful about his soubriquet?

Monday why so grey?

Hello blank page, my taskmaster and paycheque

Scratchy Friday ahoy!

Merit is as merit does?