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Friday, February 09, 2018

Listorama: Facebook status update vol 49

BetaRish is...

His Name Is Alive in my memory

A flung trident is my spirit weapon

Idly contemplating what would happen if we turned Buckingham Palace into the world’s biggest Pret…

‘Tisn’t the season ye

No 5am thinking is ever useful thinking #sleepy

Too much grey

Sleepy in my soul

Big Coat Day C-1

Too many places, too many choices

My tetrameter is loose

Is it vain to want to be less vain?

The struggle is realer than I thought it’d be

Day 3 of no caffeine

Well at least my teeth are healthy

Thank you so much for all your kind birthday wishes. You’re all marvellous

is a missing impact assessment

is having a quaggy day

My desk is so cold I can’t type without getting frostbite

is sliding into being delicate

I think next year I need a ‘Dastidar x [name]’ diffusion collaboration line

Sleepwalking into the future

Salute to all of us still working this week

A happy phlebotomist to start the day

Notes about notes

One more heave

Start your Christmas Eve the right way. With the Waitrose delivery arriving at 6.08am

Hello office: how have you been?

Grift as a governing strategy

Teenage tunes, so hard to beat

In a meritocracy, the best rebellion is to cultivate a lack of competitive spirit

To the blank page again!

In you wear a really wide collar, and turn it up, does it act as blinkers?

Tell you what. What.

Judging by the niggly nature of my interactions this morning, it appears people are taking this ‘Blue Monday’ for real

If we were meant to juggle, we’d have evolved more hands

The Age of Meetings

Rackets in the economy ⇒ Rickety lives

The time I have does not match up to other people’s perception of the time I have

Nowt so old-fashioned as a modernist

“The Fall: the sound of rock and roll falling backwards down the stairs.” – me, just now

Spoilt Victorian society

Printer has taken a holiday already

Hi I’m Rishi, and I’m a book addict

is a Superb Owl trick play

I see y’all made Snopes your algorithm god while I’ve been away

Is it the algorithm – or are you all just ignoring me?

This isn’t the mot juste, is it?

“It must be nice having [insert British politician’s name] on your side.” – nope, can’t see this working