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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 48

BetaRish is...

Genies and bottles don’t rub along well together

I hear the wives singing

Turntabalism, the only religion you need


I should update you

Juggle juggle not dropped yet

Here we go again

Yesterday: get caffeine dose wrong  Today: pray for sleep

Napoleon Pop!

Three People On A Social Network

Danger Here, and his close colleague, Man On

And the start comes around again

Poetry transfer deadline day: which form will swoop in for me before 11pm?

Orange leaves are go

Paper jam days

It’s gonna be a backwards steps kinda day

PowerPoint thinking

is empty of epigrams

Theory of sleep --> application of sleep

Slide into my thoughts

French-tech-client-induced hysteria has begun

Eugene Onegin but with a backup NFL quarterback

A learned colleague has described my new haircut as making me look like a ‘cheeky little woofer’. This is pleasing

The ‘been on a project too long’ blues

Notebook juggling a/k/a too many projects

“Life in speechmarks”

My feed is filled by the joy of poets. Which is pretty joyous

Sometimes it rains in September

Yes, you are very welcome to rewrite things three days after the print deadline

Second busiest day of the year for the poets…

*rain* *sigh* *rain*

What use a jester in times of fire?

Automatic against the people

Hello tickly throat, my old friend

It appears most of the last 14 years of my emotional life has been soundtracked by Four Tet

Latency is as latency…

And then we dance

Man cannot live by flat white and Danish pastry alone? Hold my cup

Today will mostly be brought to you by *yawns*

Today, listening is solidarity

Packing, forgetting

poem [negation of poem]

is on the scale

New just in: ‘diversity’ isn’t a trend

*Moar ideas!*

Dig if you will the picture

is perfecting the stutter juggle

I think God’s trying to tell me to give up writing anything on a machine. FFS



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