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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 31

What's on your mind?

toobusytoobusytoobusytoobusytoobusy – toobusy

is dancing like something or other

Might as well give up on this

has nothing to rebel against

Maybe yes, maybe no

is trying to put a napkin on a tiger

Any bets on ‘Prince Rogers Nelson’?

Is this what you call change?

My word, my word is ‘word’

is a local hero

Dot dash dot dash dot dash

Sleeping, waking, whatevering

is a lamb in a sea of sharks

has forgotten his watch again

Having enough time is a theory, isn’t it?

[you can fill this bit in for me today]

is a croakie oakie

will be passing through Acton for the first time in eons

Munch? Or brunch?

has another nail in his heart

is inside the moral kiosk again

Hedge fund holiday

is waiting to start

Highways not byways

needs the services of a phrenologist

Work is as work does

would like to be remembered as a modal shift in communications

appears to have run out of words already

The days, they slip away

is a neo-imperialist plot impinging on your sovereignty

has forgotten his watch

is fraying

Where’d the light go?

is a disused zone

is Plasticus Masticus, the world’s first 3D printed superhero

The cities are here for you to use

is waiting for his software update

Back to it

Greetings from Paris

Thursday’s child is full of rhyme

Sickbed bulletin: sleep

has recovered in time for the working week

is a new found sincerity

Ah the ol’ ‘awake before an early alarm’ gag

I remind the poets: never apologise, never explain

The travails of a flaneur

Cough cough

Trying to hit the high notes like Bernard Sumner



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