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Monday, April 30, 2012

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 24

BetaRish (is)...

is buckling in

is AAA rated, with no negative outlook

is living in a Wes Anderson movie

is Peter Peter English Cheater

founding Old Man Copy Corner with Jonathan Vinton

started at Archibald Ingall Stretton five years ago today

of ashes and doom loops

I dream in social media

is dancing in the disco, bumper to bumper


Can I get a witness?

is an aristocrat, hero, lion tamer, Socialist, African explorer, ballet dancer, gymnast, or bartender, and has fleetingly dreamed just now of being introduced to the Kaiser

is contractually obliged to take it, and is in no way a reward for failure

Some update or other

is beginning his second tour of duty upstairs

has a new job: stenographer for muppets

is putting on an iron shirt

is the Bayer Leverkusen of copy

There is light in the corners

Hey Padre, what’s the little game?

is nostalgic for the future

is late again, late again

is life, still

is back in the bunker

is still haunted by you

is producing copy with an eating disorder

wishes he was omnilegent

Pain is an alarm clock

is macking

is a renegade master

is a needle-finding machine

is in search of rational fellowship

is fossicking

is together in electric dreams

doffs his titfer to you

is #trending

is seeing ways

Well, this is interesting

is consideration

is the besetting sin of his generation

is waiting for Mephistopheles

Boxdrop yo’self!

has pleased The Factory

is glozing

was beaten by a pigeon

is midday

Cry England for the ZX Spectum!

is at the line of scrimmage



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