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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 19

BetaRish (is)...

is on the first of the go slow days

is taking it to the bridge

All the ones

is shaking off his country girl act

is busy. Honest

is watching rain that starts car alarms

is the engine driver

is wearing his harbourcoat

Beware the seductions of sociable machines

is licking windows

is wading in the water

keeps marching to a different beat

is colluding

has everything in its wrong place

is buying the sky

Why does getting better take so long

Let’s talk about a new solution

blesses cold, magnanimous, delicate, gauche, fanciful, stupid Englishmen

thought he’d have you by now

Sigh some more

Find me there

The words make everything

is a MacGuffin

is unmastered in the sweet science

is akin to kin

Spheres of wonder

A hunting we will go

can’t escape his biology

on the catastrophe of interjection

is a man of the world, haven’t you heard?

Science! It’s fresh and natural!

is thinking of carnets and snowdrops and other poetic subjects

Geography is destiny

is being

is holding you in his handsome fist

is all together

of dreams and delusions

is declaiming

has a prominent place within café society

is clapping

is playing with his hair well regularly

Destroy their hallucinations with our desires

Trough of insomnia

is working on improving his AQ (awww quotient)

is the spirit of Eden

is the guy who works down the chip shop and swears he’s Elvis

is capable

is too big to fail

is an engine of culture

All I want from you is the kicks you’ve given me


is silver-rushing

The trouble with me is just water under the bridge

is rocksteady

Please take one

Sun in my eyes

is having his sensibilities massaged by the soft kisses of a million disembodied taxpayers

is not the Great Cham

Hurry! Hurry! All is hurry!

And then we came to the beginning

Life is meals

is walking the walls

is eating time

I have ended up becoming me



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