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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Shaggy creativity

From Andy Beckett's reflective Guardian piece on the BBC:

But a degree of anarchy remains. "I'm working in a room I've stolen," says a celebrated BBC documentary maker. "I've got lots of equipment I've stolen from someone else. Internal chaos is highly productive for a creative person. I've worked in commercial TV companies – they are the most uncreative places. They just look for repeat shows. The BBC is shaggy . . . it allows things to emerge. There are overlapping jurisdictions. Creatives love turf wars – you can play the executives off against each other. Providing you are not seeking power yourself, or are corrupt, or asking for a lot of money, they let you do what you want."

The question is: to what extent is your creative organisation shaggy? And if you're not a creative organisation, how can you bring some anarchy in, to allow better ideas to emerge?



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