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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Linkorama for 18.02.10

Apologies, for this is to be a humungous one, as the bishop said to the actress:

- Betaworks, a New York based 'behaviorist' start-up looks v cool

- Michael Wolff sinuously defines the key internet theories and predictions you need to be spouting this year

- Broadstuff reminds us that the median ages of people using all this social media malarkey is olllllllllddd

- The Beeb has new online visual guidelines, thanks in part to Neville Brody

- Secret London has a website now, after a crazy weekend and some less-crazy economics

- OMG! BingcrazyFlickrsexymaps!

- W+K launch their own content channel

And and and: The LRB diary in which Will Self walks his dog across Clapham Common, while listening to 'In Our Time', and together they find a dildo. No, I'm not making this up.



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