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Friday, September 05, 2008

Linkorama for 05.09.08

1. Mike Reed of Reed Words has a lovely little mailshot which is setting the design blogs alight. Here's why:

Any mailer that quotes Kingsley Amis. And argues in favour of starting sentences with 'and' is right by us.

2. Another euphemism for redundancy: 'right-sizing'. As used by Carat, whose senior staff appear unable to use email properly. Isn't it horrible? Because at least 'downsizing' didn't imply that your employment at the firm was in some way wrong.

3. Peter Bradshaw's been at it again, in his review of Guy Ritchie's latest opus, Rocknrolla.

4. This Recording has a list of the 'ten best speeches that inform our present moment'. With MP3s. Remind yourself of Peggy Noonan's genius, and the words she crafted for Reagan after the Challenger disaster.



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