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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 8

BetaRish (is)...

has got the tri-state blues

has indulged. Which is nice

doing something

watching the Foo Fighters blow Wembley away

all of a flutter about the weekend

not wearing a Rolex

says good day sunshine

as Fire Man

at The Diner. Again. Really, it’s so predictable

as Para Medic

will be out and about today

now enjoying a very messy chocolate milkshake. Sadly, it is not bringing anyone to my yard

says it’s cool to hate the singer

slightly bleary eyed

more than slightly bleary eyed

says if you love me, won’t you let me know?

has two spare tickets for My Bloody Valentine at Manchester Apollo next Saturday, if anyone’s around/interested

likes the new word he learnt last night: cutscenes

flatter than a pancake squashed by a steamroller on Dutch farmfields

has been motorik in SW1

wants to make it special, make no loss and cover the cost

deaf, but has just seen the greatest gig of his life

still deaf. ETA on hearing restoration is Wednesday

has made two false attempts to fill this space, and still isn’t happy

the other woman

discovering that enforced slowness doesn’t really suit him

on the way to Granadaland. Back online later

thinks that ‘You Made Me Realise’ is more intense when wearing earplugs

was surprised that The Verve managed to make him moist eyed when watching Glasto on the telly last night

going blank again

going to be busy today

wants you to be crazy, ‘cos you’re stupid baby when you’re safe

all the things he has done

needs to get moving

has new health rock

a bit of an animal

damp, not dashing

wishes he was in the dark of the matinee

on the way to Bruges. Yay Eurostar!

still rocking away

welcomes one and all to somewhere or other

what the world has been waiting for. Perhaps

not, repeat, not Samuel Johnson

says fuck idealism – it won’t make you rich

missed the memo where 9am became an optional start time

has proved the hypothesis: girlfriend (drunk) + bed/5% = 0 sleep

didn’t think he’d be missing the kitchen

has aspirations to be working as an art star

nw bginning to tumble in virus lcatins



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