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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Grist. Mill. Liberalism: Protest agonistes

Seen on the Northern line this evening while going home. Two of these doctored TfL customer charter leaflets, one each on the seats either side of the emergency door.

On the reverse side has been written, by the same hand:

25 miles


What was really depressing was (and I'm making an assumption here) that this form of political protest - and we can assume it was that because there were two of them - was so...inanane. A splurge of temper, which is fine, and then some nonsense which makes only partial sense.

Is the protester asking for the fuel escalator to be brought back, abolished in the wake of the 2000 fuel protests. Does he believe that the 150p price of a litre (is it? I don't drive) is solely due to tax? And does he believe that the same amount of tax is charged on that tank of petrol as it is on a return air ticket to New York?

As a band once asked: is this it? Is this what 'debate' now means? Exit one observer, despairing.


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