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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The sub-editor's fear of the semi colon: Sport magazine

Just a quick note to celebrate the French, and-recently-launched-on-the-London-streets Sport magazine, which for my (non) money is the best of the free publications currently available.

Not least for the quality of the subbing; viz the following caption to accompany their 'Frozen in Time' picture from 15 December 2006 issue, accompanying a picture of five Asian men body-building:

Oh sweet Jesus!

We've done fighting horses, we've done fireball cars... why, we've even done a gigantic half-man, half-bear boxer from Russia. Clearly, then, it was only a matter of time before we dug out a picture of five pea-headed musclebags flexing off in micropants. Officially, it's a shot from the under-70kg bodybuilding at the Asian Games, which ends today. Unofficially, it's a whole bowl of wrong. And yet, Sport just can't help but stare at them. We're not alone though, right? No? Oh.


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