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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Commercial 10: Working life

Or at least, one of the parts of it I enjoy the most (or normally I do; today technology let me down in my scribing, and I saw the blue screen of death). I've always fancied myself as a note taker par excellence, which can then be turned into similarly incisive memos, also authored by me. Anyway, most of this is just an excuse to quote this:

If you wake up feeling witty, if
you are ready to impart your wisdom
to the world, don't count on word of mouth,
don't lose the credit. Send for Our Man
Boswell, chronicler of the time, to dog
your footsteps, record your word.
Posterity assured. Copyright respected.
Publication arranged. Two transcripts supplied.
'I am nearly dead and no one knows
I was ever alive' - Anon
Ten guineas per day. Weekly terms

Tom Stoppard, Lord Malquist and Mr Moon (1966)


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