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Monday, July 20, 2009

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 13


Jump in the river and learn to swim


Hotel wi-fi – It’s a rip off!

The afterparty still remains a mythical place

Unpacking too slightly less time than I feared

will confirm he’s awake in a moment

has his dress shirt on today

One way traffic

is thinking that anything he puts in this box will be banal to the point of mass tedium and despair


has the spirit of a vampyre

would like a trough to dig his snout into

has his Blue Peter meets Wedgwood cufflinks on today

Sharp! Sharp! The King! The King!

is photoshop handsome

total trash

maxims to live by, and other unlikely truths

Sleep. Coffee. Coffee. Sleep

would like a monocle, please

Words and thanks yous, not always in that order

The foolish heavens appear to twinkle too far from here

How to think text out

Will starting earlier bring the end quicker?

Things that shouldn’t be, as they’re keeping me awake

The coffee isn’t even bitter

is having a Throwing Muses moment

will be playing dodge the thunderstorms in Warsaw today

is now off to find a tram

Dinner, trad Polska style

And back from Warsaw, where it would appear democracy is in better shape

Summer. Where’d you go?

Summer’s still gone

Back back back! At work

Being blackhearted

has made it in to the office even quicker than normal. Good old Northern Line! (words I’d never thought I’d write)

Following the packhorse

Sitting in the way of release

Open doors to madness


Tony Allen dancing

Too much tea

is somewhat tired of being taken for granted

Experimenting with power stations

The 39th of July

is a microscopic part of his catastrophic plan

is The Kensington Vampire

just can’t stand it

is the Spirit of Play

doesn’t help me

is Wilco (the album)

is twinkling, skittering, frittering, dithering

is manning all four desks today

Lots of blur songs

Blur were brilliant. But the beer down my back wasn’t

is the future. God help us all

is in orbit baby, and can’t come down

A piano riff from the last Decemberists LP. No, not that one. That one

is not on the boundary

is wrapped in a flag

loves The Fox & Anchor

is back at school this week

Drafts, draughts and dialogue



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