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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Linkorama for 13.11.08

1. The scariest paragraph I've read for sometime:

This is where governments might need to be even more unorthodox. The tax cuts do not have to be financed by selling bonds. They can be financed by asking the Bank of England to offer an overdraft to the government, which is a polite way of saying by printing money. If you think about this as a process in which the central bank prints bank notes (essentially at zero cost) and gives them to the government to hand out in tax reductions, you would not be wrong in any meaningful way. This is a crazy and dangerous procedure when inflation is threatened - but it is the most powerful way of fighting deflation that economists have invented. Perhaps it will become necessary.

South American dictatorships ahoy!

2. The cats are definitely trying to kill me. (Hat tip: Copybot)

3. Rory Sutherland says service will have to get faster.



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