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Monday, July 14, 2008

Commercial: How many iPods are you?

5 iPod household

I was slightly disconcerted the other day in realising that we've got five iPods at home: one second generation original flavour, one first generation shuffle, one second generation shuffle, and two 8GB touches. Three are hers, two are mine. There would have been another large classic, but I lost it at the cinema last year while watching Funny Games (US).


1) How many iPods does a home actually need?
2) To what extent do the earlier models just get left as redundant boxes?
3) For green consumption, less pressure on resources etc, should we ration iPod purchases to just one per person? I'd hate to think the impact on climate change these devices are having just because we can't make up our minds how much music to take with us when we're out and about.



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