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Monday, June 23, 2008

Capsule: My Bloody Valentine

I'm pretty sure I saw the face of God last night. It might have been just before my kidneys moved round to the front of my body during 'To Here Knows When', or just after. Not quite sure. I do remember having one of the most intense grooves ever during 'Soon'. And 'Only Shallow' was a roar of noise.

Highlight? Oh obviously, 'You Made Me Realise'. I'd read the legend of 18 minutes for the white noise breakdown. On my count (and admittedly it's pretty shonky as I'm sure I was out of my body at this point), it was 37 minutes before the song kicked back in. And I wasn't wearing ear plugs.

I watched through the video below just now. It's immediately made my ears red raw again. Who'd have thought hearing loss would be worth it? And I get to do it all again on Saturday. Wow. BTW, it's not too late to join me there.



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