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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tag: Five Things

Following a request from Ewarwoowar:

Oh, alright then. Here are those five other things:

1) I once had an era named after me on Wikipedia. I know! Alas, the entry now reflects a more truthful representation of the past.

2) I once had a technical pull with Kristin Davis here. Now, I know you're thinking, (and it helps if you say this in a Bill Hicks' 'hysterical' tone: "There's no fucking way!" But trust me: she looked me directly in the eye and smiled. I like to think I was the most attractive geek in there.

3) This is the song that changed my life:

I wrote about that here.

4) I was once published in a book with Zadie Smith. You're right. I wasn't very good. Still ain't, really.

5) My current favourite word is 'flatember'. This, and other choice cuts from The Thick Of It Christmas Special can be found where indicated.

That enough for you? Oh I almost forgot: search Technorati for meme, planning meme, tag five things.

Oh, and the chain breaks here. As it always does.


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