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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 46

BetaRish is...

I’m here; just sleeping after my walk in to the office

Franchise me

January spawns a monster

thinks he’s done pushing water uphill

The phrase has gone

is lacking a hat today

needs to wield the pen again

…nope, nothing to go here…

The process is the process

Ah the days when caffeine won’t remotely be enough

is genuinely genuine

The edge is sharp

Pen into battle again

is releasing balloons

Fevers are rubbish

Meeting and plotting with Nathalie Teitler is the best tonic when you’ve been ill

Well, the walk to the office from the station was a bit tiring

Happy Day of Ventricle Martyrs!

The sleep is strong with this one

The phrase will come


is failing to be elegant

Shall we begin?

And then the ghosts left

is waiting for the contacts and the privilege

is wondering whether he has the right envelope

Squid goals: tentacles of fun

WARNING: phrase bank empty

Start > run > validation

Why aren’t odd numbers uneven numbers?

To battle to save an idea, again

Frag / ments

Circumstances have moved on

is about to get thrown under the bus again

I was reading ‘Wittgenstein’s Mistress’ on a silent staircase, and the world started roaring in my ears

If no one can find you, no one can miss you

The weather withers whatever

Back at the desk with a bump

reboot, rewrite

Acquis no more

is on frequent seas only I can hear

is prepping for one of those weeks

has outrage to spare, if you have a topic to froth about

would like it to be a grasshopper day

is making no grand claims

is waiting for the tiler (not a euphemism)

needs to be himself

You conference, I call