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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 43

"BetaRish is..."

**deep breaths**

**armour donned again**

Gossip is my fuel

The claims are demanding to be verified

The curse doesn’t count

needs to become adept at fighting in circles

knows which side he’s on in Carbonaragate

is bedraggled by boondoggles

is failing to get into gear

is in the belly of an octopus

wasn’t ready to shed a layer

I hate the signs of these times

Last night I dreamt I was playing in the Cup Final. For Crystal Palace. With teammates Kirsty Wear and Keren Eldad

gotta dance

My phrases come in phases

is an expert in Foxball

is keeping on

It is a cliché, but no less true for it. In extremis, when you need it, the NHS is amazing

Dilly-ding, dilly-dong is my new jam

is trying to ge back in harness

in glory is everything and nothing

is throwing shade

is flamboyant in his inertia

On it, off it, on it again

Click on, click off

is a product of print

Oh for the Holy Roman Empire

Power is as power does

slack me bae

is on patrol

All the cocktails, ow

on belief, and other inconveniences

Oh nice June weather I miss you

Yes, but does it work in theory?

is rigorously un-rigorous

The data flows are breaking

is doing the whole bare feet in the office thing

is doing that thing he does

is aesthetically yours

is asking you

is marking the sand

This is George vs the dragon, innit?

A great tribute to Jo Cox would be if we in the UK took in more refugees from Syria

Vote Leave for this permanent winter to stay

is a monograph

I used to be a fundamentalist, but now I’m not so sure

Vote early, vote often, vote…

There’ll always be an England. An EU not so much



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