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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 35

BetaRish (is)....

will be a caliph for an hour

is analogue first

is a corporate mascot, fluffily unthreatening

is democracy’s handmaiden

is a rolling boil, waiting for the potatoes

is a different form of efficiency

is a heady mix of scents, flavours and textures

is a bundle of issues, available at one low price

is back at the wordface

is proposing the loyal address

never gets the calibration between silly and stupid right

End of a lovely day in Nottingham. Holly is the best tour guide

is inculcating bad things into young minds

You Shall Know Me By My Radius Of Croissant Flakes

is primed

is kickoff ready

Triskadiskaphobics Utd 0 – 1 Sunshine Rovers

is the rain coming down in a New England town

is the flowing lines of a distinguished AW14 collection

would make a very fine prime minister of Luxembourg

has weak eyes

is an irrepressible engine of wants

is a victim of the federation’s unexpected success

suspects London is emptying

Why always someone else?

is rueing the absence of kickball today

Every ghost story is a drinking story

Relevance, where is thy sting?

Happy Successful Insurrection and Dodging Tax Payment Day America!

is impossibly probable, or possibly improbable

Oh really?

You spend a lifetime waiting for a match like that. And you miss it, because you’re watching a film at the cinema.

is hoping for a smooth, continuous workflow

You spend a lifetime watching matches like that. And you keep watching, in the hope it will be like last night’s match. And it never is

Lowering skies, increasing headache

My Facebook is all angles and Saxons right now

is looking to be last to market

is lacking a portfolio

Hot in the city

is hiding from heat, thunder, sleep

is fluttering, flittering, futzing

One could, one supposes, one could

And then we came to the beginning

The pink fizz has fizzed me out. I blame Laura Herrod

Espresso hasn’t touched the sides

is diaphanous, mostly

is really overthinking it today

Lf wtht vwls sn’t wth t


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