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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 33

What's on your mind, BetaRish?

Boxing Day hovering. Good for thinking

Am wearing my hoodie, innit?

Annual watching of ‘Conspiracy’ has begun

will be wrestling with words, mostly

Just written an 1,800 word sentence

New year with a crossbow bolt

My new year’s dreams were presented to me last night in The New Yorker’s typeface

has misplaced a story

The magic of the cup (of tea, third round)

Clapham, so much to answer for

School bag packed for tomorrow. New pen too

has started as he means to go on

January 7. First illness of the year

Flaws with the modern world: I’ve been asked by the HR system to request time off for being sick. 

Language in IT systems still not all it could be

Blink blink

has joined the Pilates classes

Knackered. Again

Status: virally infected

Porridge and ibuprofen are my weapons

is listening to all the songs beginning with ‘A'

is demanding an audience with the Pope

The Utah Sinners must have been really hacked off when the Utah Saints achieved chart success

is thinking and writing about whisky, and finding it hard to resist the urge to pour a dram now

is a local incident, with no national ramifications

will be dancing alone, you know it baby

Six word stories have drained me

is a long-time advocate of something or other

Two coffees = feeling human

is a Xerox of himself

is expensive, and worth it

is hoping to catch a break

London Gin Club. Status Juniper

is the Legion of Snooze

Can’t sleep. Falling apart. Send help

is a fool on a heath

is a maverick, box-office smash

is taking a bow

would like to dry the rain

is a gap in the 20th century

A change is gonna come

Operation Find Me A New Thing To Do begins!

is ill. Again

Hello cold, my old friend

is sniffling, shuffling, shambling

is rushing along, racing ahead

is checking out of the unhotel today

has been prescribed steak

is back at the desk



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