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Monday, September 10, 2012

Thoughts in search of a theme

There's no connection between these thoughts, other than other people articulating far better than me some of what has been rattling around in my head the last few days:

1. Poets, or at least people who spend a lot of time attempting to write poems, find writing longer fictional prose hard. I was gratified that Tammy identified a lot of the reasons why, especially that notion of short attention spans...

2. But then, as pointed out in Carl's piece, if we're all getting short attention spans, maybe no-body will able to write prose in the future...

3. But then even more, maybe no one will be able to concentrate on the poems that everyone will be writing instead, as they'll all be written for the page (I'm going to make 'page' also mean 'screen' here), and reading between the lines of Fenton's argument, that would mean that they'd all lack musicality, metricality, and the other things that make good words that don't reach the end of the page hymn along.

Which means, I should write more fiction? I dunno. If you find my argument, do please let me know.



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