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Friday, September 07, 2012

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 26

BetaRish (is)...

is the last of the sabbaticals

is back at the wordface

is sharing friction

has forgotten the point

is on the trail

is a panther, and then some

Pretending to be a king

Hello Manhattan

is on the hunt for an American breakfast

is red-eyed and lagging

is tired of the wait

sleep isn’t shifting from my eyes

Tomorrow looks good from here

still hasn’t filled this bit out

is a thing, and then another thing

Busy is as busy wishes

is emergent

Time, time, time, what has become of me?

Runaboutalotpiad begins!

Five-ring circus

is inventing sports

will be changing his name to ‘Rishi Lion’

is the inheritor of mass-produced secrets

is on Compass Road

The Shock of The Gone

knows your house so very well

will live those dreams like they’re all mine

Danger here

Bring on the Superhumans

has just been informed that the last headline was incorrect, and will be keeping you up-to-date with all the latest developments

is glitchy

was an ABC on an EE offer

sees a ship in the harbour

is talking amongst his selves

doesn’t mind what anyone else has done

right everything its place in

is a hypothesis in need of refutation

Bacon is a political issue

New Facebook for iPad. Not as good as it thinks it is

has a birdie in the hand

is Mr Moon to someone else’s Lord Malquist

is the hay in the needlestack

Eureka moments are hitting me like cop cars

has no time to resist time

is a general interest publication, available on selected newsstands

Write, fail, repeat; write, fail, repeat

is unrefined elegance personified

supposes he better put something here



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