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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Poetry: A snow poem

as requested by Mr Tim Rich. It's a first draft, so be gentle.

The exaggerated courtesies

Heavier now, I drift towards the window.
I am amused by the exaggerated courtesies
the salt is showing me – he laid out
his gritty beige carpet before I arrived.
How did he know I was coming? I wouldn't have
flapped for him, if our hospitalities were reversed.
Still, I am mesmerised by the promise I contain,
that everything can be still, simple, new again.
But then, nostalgia for the first time is a luxury
that only affects the feeble-fated, something I seem
to bring out, especially in the populace of the southeastern
corner of this grumbling isle. For your information,
I am not an adverse condition, I am the best thing
that happens at this time of year.



Blogger Paul Campy said...

Especially like your last couple of lines. That and the descriptive inflation on our transport network that a little snow is now 'extreme weather'. What do we have left when it truly is the apocalypse?

Can you get medication for a grumbling isle by the way?

1:18 am  
Blogger BetaRish said...

Well, I'd say emigration, but that'd be giving in...

And thanks!

9:39 am  

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