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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yearnote: 2011

I really can't get my stuff together (and truth be told, don't think that enough that is that different happens to me to warrant them) to do weeknotes.

But I thought even I can get my stuff together to do a yearnote.

It has been a busy year. Two new bathrooms at home, for starters.

Then there was a trip to St Petersberg:


We had two new lodgers come and join us on a permanent basis:

When Malachite and Asturias met Aldous the Poetry Bat... 3

Then we left them for a bit and went to Glasgow for a short while:


Somehow I managed to get promoted too.

And picked up an award for a poem too (not my hair).

I made a wedding in Italy with 30 seconds to spare, and when I got my breath back, managed to read a poem:


There was an exhibition:


And a birthday treat, at Camp Nou too:


All in all, not too bad. See you on the other side, and happy 2012.



Blogger Paul Campy said...

Happy New Year, hope you have a great 2012!

12:43 pm  

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