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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 21

BetaRish (is)...

That was you told

has cracked, wants caffeine

The push

is thinking in telegrams

How about this heat?

is crazy like SJ Perelman

Waiting for The Greater Gatsby

still remembers all his childhood boasts

is full of fanfaronade

is donning a tin hat

is in a recursive loop

would like his own impresa

is a diminished seventh, minor fifth

might be; or might not be

knows New Jersey is the whole world

Saturn is a friend of mine

is [insert grade]*

is giving what he can, and taking what he needs

Hello office, my old friend

is waiting for history

I am with you always, even until the end

is waking up and settling down

has got the battle fever on today

is jiggered, by jigger

Oh go on then

Waiting for the feather duster to arrive

To the sea

Already it is slipping away from me

is Baron Tricchetracche

So that Mephistopheles popped round for a chat last night

is grey like a candy apple

To Italia!

is the New Normal

is advocating piracy as the way forward

Copy Agonistes

is more cake than man

is in the present tense

is losing at the zen arcade

Finest worksong

has no idea whether you’ll see this in your news feed any more

is juggling voices

is having a thrash about

is installing Self Portrait Postcards today

is all nerves ahoy!

Self Portrait Postcards is ready to go

is better than the White Cube

is spending hot days reading about cold wars

would rather be bunking off today

... and yes, Self Portrait Postcards continues at the Her House Gallery in Hoxton, today, tomorrow and Thursday. Come and take a piece of me.



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