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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 18

BetaRish (is)...

is the forever guy

lost the sleep lottery again last night

is arm aber sexy

is on the axis of Bovril

Last of the summer days

This, this is my forever

Blitz, you test me

hopes you can join him from 6.45 this evening at Tate Modern, for some poetry, art, wine, views

Big poetic props to Fred Hale, Kirsti Green, Hella Becker, @Elika, Lorelei Mathias and Camilla for supporting my versifying at Tate Modern. Pamphlets available from the bookshop there

In the hall the girls come and go / Singing of Cruz, Taio

missed his stop, thanks to Franzen’s ‘Freedom’

is up for a knuckles-up, knock-down drag-out

awoke to an accident outside the front door

First body, last body

A yomp here and yomp there

says ‘wait, hey wait…’

is only available for this limited period. Hurry, while stocks last

‘In the room the women come and go / Talking of Michelangelo’. Celebrate National Poetry Day on Facebook

Books become cities, before they become clouds and trails of memories

wonders if there’s an equivalent of quantitative easing to combat emotional deflation

Infinity: it’s not as small as you think

is contemplating luck and how to lose it

is somewhere in the sweet exile of text

is bringing dynamite and a crane

is still pondering The Social Network

is progressive like a fox

is more Levin than Vronsky

Welcome to the day the axe falls

is telescoping poems

is still not convinced by the view

is noisy, beautiful

My magpie eyes are hungry for the prize

Give me the money or I’ll shoot you right between the eyes

My greedy eyes, my beady eyes, they swivel and they stare

is copping a feel, all day long

all hail All Souls

is so into you

The cold is winning. Bah

is dreaming about soul cakes


How early it was, how early

pacta sunt servanda

Set a course that I don’t know

yes, I know I have not said nothing

Only beauty can save the world now

Easy come, easy go

is aiming to avoid an omnishambles

And when I told you that I meant it, I really did, then at least; at least, as much as I could, as much as anyone could. Which might not be much; but should be enough

is destitute of feathers

Axis of cocktails

Another damned thick DM piece! Always scribble, scribble, scribble! Eh Mr Dastidar?

The last sentence? Now, that was a good one

is from the school of gentlemen amateurs

To Italia!

might be right

My second favourite way to start the day: breakfast at The Wolseley with Kirsty Wear and Keren Eldad

is tangled in red ribbons

Sleeping is giving in

is zero harm

is The New You

needs a rubric

The number is up

is an octothorpe

is contemplating ideology

Mastery might be mine

has been captured by seamonsters

will attempt to get a toothbrush in a poem

If you wait for permission for your pleasures, you’ll be waiting a long time

did your Photoshop Handsome

is waiting for the carpet fitter (not a euphemism)

is in the katzenjammer season

is a vector-based lifeform

was expected to slow down

is the new Montagu Norman

Rome 0 Bethlehem 1

Girls, be ambitious! Boys, be audacious!

All day I dream of shelves

1.1.11. Go

spends his days thinking of you

is drafting

is coming up for an approximation of air

will be kidnapping submarines later

Admin, you test me, some more



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