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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Poetry: Alphabetacrostalliteration

So Ian at the Faber Academy has set a challenge, based on this rather fabulous poem at the Futility Closet. While I respond to that (and it could be a while), here something that comes close to the form:

The fires of ambition

All my awards and baubles
and certificates and degrees

and emoluments and festschrifts
and gifts and honorariums

and IQ points and jeroboams
and kudos and laurels

and merit badges and nous
and ovations and premiums

and qualifications and renown
and scholarships and tributes

and ubiquity and vim
and wit and XP complexes

and yapness and zelotypia
couldn’t stop her leaving.

So I built a pyre
and had a bonfire

of my ambitions;
and under the flaming confetti

I thought, what use is
praise and pride

without love to lessen
and soften the fall?



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