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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ur Guardian & Observer sentences 1 & 2

First in what will no doubt be a predictably regular series. By the way, for those who think I offer these in spite, not so. I am part of the tribe; but even I can cringe sometimes at the, ahem, North London-ness of it all...

Exhibit 1:

Sure, it's better than dried, or none at all, but good basil has to be home-grown.

Fuck, I'd better throw out that pomodoro I spent minutes opening, Alys Brown.

Exhibit 2:

A trip to Tuscany proved to me that Italian food is getting better and better. But now I have to face facts: I just can't make pasta

Good job I did throw out that pomodoro, eh Rachel, seeing as it was going to be on top of wheat I hadn't kneaded myself.



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