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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new candidate for any dictionary of quotations

From Michael Hofmann's excellent piece on Sunday, on why we should all learn and know another language (other highlight: 'If you don't have another language, you are condemned to occupy the same positions, the same phrases, all your life. It's harder to outwit yourself, harder to doubt yourself, in just one language. It's harder to play.') this doozy about the US-UK axis:

On the global political level, think of the blundering, insular, peremptory and oddly irrelevant posture of the Anglo-American powers, how spooked and baffled and disliked they are over so much of the world. Think of the harping on about the "special relationship" – not so much special, as the only one possible for two such done-up wallflowers.

If that's not in a dictionary soon, I'll nibble on titfers etc etc.



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