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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reminiscenews: Weekend World

God knows why I've been thinking about this recently (I suspect it was the Prospect profile of Mandy that did it), but in my sad way, I've been missing Weekend World.

You remember; that wodge of heavy duty current affairs programming that took up the hour before lunch on Sunday, courtesy of LWT. Brian Walden forensically interviewing a politician who, y'know, actually answered the questions asked. Prog rock soundtrack (which I actually downloaded from iTunes this morning.)

Anyway, my thought is - why isn't it more widely available as a resource? I can't be the only politics geek who'd pay to have a best of DVD? Or why not show some old episodes on BBC Parliament? This surely is what initiatives like the BBC's Creative Archive are all about - getting stuff out into the public domain, and seeing what use we make of them.

(BTW: There's plenty of LWT nostalgia on the web. Seems to be the ITV franchise that inspired the most love.)



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