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Monday, April 20, 2009

Commercial: Your card is crap

Now, some of you know my deep love for Moo, who print things that can make you happy. Like business cards and mini cards, for example.

Now while I don't shill for them, can you please please please go and buy lots of cards from them, just so this guy can be shut up for ever in cold dark place, where he pitch to himself, until his sales words feedback into his ears, and hence into his brain, where they can cause a sub-atomic explosion, the residue of which we can clean up with his die cut, foil embossed card that cost $4 and took 25 years to design.

Irony, thy name is 250 gsm.

(Hat tip: Copybot)



Blogger Rkult said...

LOL so you dont like him, but you cant ignore him.


4:38 am  
Blogger BetaRish said...

Err, only if you define awareness as a win. I prefer to use the bottom line as the metric.

And no way would I ever do business with him.


8:42 am  

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