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Monday, April 20, 2009

Commercial: Email resurrection

After last week's email rant, some happier and odder news to report.

Oddity first. Above is what was waiting for me in the inbox this morning. The subject line said:

Elvis Presley 'live' at The O2

Which is both funny, and a little creepy. I think the TCB's also needed to be explained. 'Taking Care of Business' has such a wonderful ring to it.

And happier. Here's an extract from an email Ms Beta got last week from the Royal Court Theatre:

I write to inform you that our production of Grasses of a Thousand Colours by Wallace Shawn will have an unusually long duration. Rehearsals are currently running at 2 hours 50mins with two 15 minute intervals, giving a total running time of 3 hrs 20mins. This means the show will finish at approximately 11.20pm each evening, or at 6.20pm for 3pm matinees.

Although London Transport will still be running the majority of their services (including all tube lines and bus routes) at this time, we would advise you to check your journey home carefully in advance, to make sure that you can make it home safely after the performance. It would also be advisable to check your route again on the day of the show, and to be alert to any scheduled maintenance work or station closures that may affect journeys late at night.

Isn't that lovely? Thoughtful, considerate and useful information. Gawd bless 'em. And don't forget, it's only a tenner on Mondays there too.



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