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Monday, November 03, 2008

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 10

BetaRish (is)...

god-particle hunting

nope, nothing doing. Just can’t make this line funny

made for the day, after an excellent breakfast

watching the air escape from the bulge bracket

considering the hyperbolic

has thoughts. He’s just not sure to do with them all

ready. The other contenders? He’s not sure about them

worth following, even in this state

Open Housing today

about to leave for day two of Open House

wonders where the hell the weekend went

scarmble! Scramble! Scramble! (not eggs)

also aware he can’t type properly today

needs to start on that to do list

expect a quiet, relentless day

says: ok, ‘expecting’, pedantry fans

having to accept that it just won’t all get done. At all. Ever

has been dreaming of fry ups. No really

awaiting inspiration


waiting for the cat sitter

with the seldom seen kid

delighted his ‘tiredness’ isn’t as bad as Holly’s

ill, which is rubbish

still ill, and is looking at a whole day in bed

attempting to work from the sick bed

not funny

going to Poetry School later


going to try and not get demob happy. Until lunchtime

loving the new Bernie Gunther novel

has been writing poems about apples

going to start that Lego. Oh yes he is

has built the Eiffel Tower

has landed in Tokyo. Hai late summer

will be attempting to book train tickets to Kyoto later today

would like to sleep properly tonight, all the more to enjoy Hakone tomorrow

back from Hakone, with two Tokyo days left

will be braving the rain later, to go to the national museum

has less than 12 hours left in Tokyo

all fished out. Time for home

marching for the Saints. Just for today, mind

back back back, as the cliché has it

says a change will do you good

a radiation vibe he’s grooving on

, in case you needed reminding, likes public service broadcasting

treat, not trick

writing today



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