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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Free The Blog: Moving Words

(This was originally posted at Free The Blog, part of Free the Word, this year's International PEN festival).

Moving Words - The Free The Word walk 19

The clouds gathered as we did, and the rain finished when we did. In between was some of the most uplifting poetry you could ever wish to hear. Below, as promised, my instant Twitter reactions to what I was hearing. You can also see more images from the walk here, and a video of one of the performances here.

And as you'll be hearing a lot more of these guys in the future, get a headstart:

Excentral Tempest
Inua Ellams
Dean Atta
Jasmine Ann Cooray

And we're done as the rain stops. Wonderful experience 04:46 PM April 12, 2008

Amazing wonderful talent on display 04:45 PM April 12, 2008

One line of verse can become the infinite 04:39 PM April 12, 2008

Writers have to live in the moment 04:38 PM April 12, 2008

This places demands netwot as an audience. You cant hide 04:31 PM April 12, 2008

You can find next door, right here in london 04:26 PM April 12, 2008

Like a box of pencils waiting to chorus words. Genius 04:23 PM April 12, 2008

The rain is now coming down on the lonely city 04:21 PM April 12, 2008

Actually, urban culture is now global culture too 04:16 PM April 12, 2008

Rapping by a puddle above the bfi. Urban culture 04:14 PM April 12, 2008

Poetry through a loudhailer on a national balcony 04:05 PM April 12, 2008

About to start the walk. Bit cold and damp! 03:59 PM April 12, 2008



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