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Monday, March 31, 2008

On originality: Sugar Puffs and The Mighty Boosh

So; another 'adland caught with its fingers in the creative till'-type story.

Here is a Sugar Puff's advert:

Now, I am told by people younger and hipper than myself that this actually is a take-off a style of singing known as 'crimping', first done by The Mighty Boosh (although in truth, also owing a fair bit to the music hall style of singing).

It appears that m'learned friends were to get involved, until this message was received by the Boosh camp last week:

'Honey Monster is heartbroken he upset you'

and peace is further confirmed by this message:

Which begs the questions:

a) how much can a style of singing be deemed 'original' and therefore worthy of protection; b) can a brand 'charm' its way out of accusations of creative thievery?

In the latter case, it appears so, and as such makes a refreshing change from shrill denunciations against the denunciators. As in this case.



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