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Monday, December 03, 2007

Commercial: More genius MOO tone of voice

... this time from Stef, their CTO, explaining why Big Moo went down. If only all companies were as clear and friendly etc etc etc.

Blimey. a non-happy day at MOO

Well, it’s nearly over, but that was the kind of day that CTOs tell their children at night if they want them to be daredevil stuntmen when they grow up instead.

Starting at around 6pm last night, we started experiencing beeeg trouble with our main disk array. All the alarms went off, and Mike, our Techy Infradoodads Manager dashed down to Brick Lane to recover it from the backup. It took almost about 20 hours to get the site fully operational (direct uploads were particularly stubborn) but things are now fine again.

I’m sorry to everyone who tried to place orders today and had trouble -we had a number of false starts where we thought we had it working and then it went wrong again. It must have been even more frustrating for you than for us.

There are a number of people whose orders may be in an incomplete state - we know who you are, and we’ll be contacting you to sort things out over the next day or so.

The mantra we have at MOO is to never let the same thing go wrong twice- this is the first severe non-scheduled outage we’ve had since we launched 14 months ago, but we already know the fixes we need to make to prevent it in future.

I’d like to repeat: I’m really sorry, and it won’t happen again.

Now, pizza has arrived.



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