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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A bumper edition for your delectation. Let's crack on:

1. 26 recommendations for this month here, plus some of our favourite first lines to boot.

2. It's Quaker awareness week this week, although that isn't meant to make them sound like an illness that needs to be highlighted. It's been backed by an intriguing campaign asking people to sing a different song, a theme that's carried through to the website. It's a refreshing change from previous campaigns to raise awareness of or the profile of more established churches, not least because it doesn't rely on a shock treatment of Jesus.

3. Damian Seaman is an excellent noir-ish writer. He has a new short story out. You should read it.

4. Graham Smith, of 'eleven' fame, has started a blog lifting the lid on what it takes to make it as an independent music artist today. You should read that too.

5. New ads for The Economist. But wait, they're not white out of red? Once you have recovered from your fainting fit, you can see the full set and the rationale behind them here. The Beta take? Why change 30 years of heritage just to try and attract new members to the club? Find a way of doing so in the old language.

6. Re-inventing the ad agency, again.

7. Video of the recent NESTA Connect event, 'Mass Collaboration', is now available online. It featured an excellent set of talks from Mark Earls and Howard Rheingold, and is worth your time.

8. Another thing to embed into your blog. Sketch-tastic!

9. This piece of work has been getting rave reviews. And it's fresh from ais...

10. Modern, first world capitalism might not be all that, according to the Guardian this morning, in an analysis that is reminiscent of some of the points about the economy that Francis Wheen made in How Mumbo-jumbo Conquered The World. Even worse, it requires you not to use all your talents to the full (via The Times' Comment Central).

Phew! That's more than enough to be getting on with, thank you!



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