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Monday, July 30, 2007

Commercial: Most viral

Sourced from Thursday's Times, GoViral have selected the top ten viral ad campaigns (most 'viral' ads?). To become successfully infectious, ads need to be 'edgy, surprising, original, erotic and emotional – and tap into popular culture'. No humour? Anyway, no small order, all that.

The ten are:

1. Nike - Ronaldinho R10
2. Agent Provocateur - Kylie riding the bucking bronco
3. John West - Bear vs fisherman
4. QuikSilver - Dynamite Surfing
5. Carlton Draught - Big Ad
6. Trojan Condoms - Trojan Games
7. Dove - Evolution
8. Berlitz - What are you zinking about?
9. Diet Coke - Mentos (does this actually count as an 'ad' or a campaign'?)
10. Mark Ecko - Still Free.

Not sure if the methodology is correct - there's an air of contrivance about the list overall and the selections - but an interesting stab neverthless.

What? Show one of these fine ads? Go on then. Which one shall I choose?

...oh, why not?



Blogger Kristofer Mencák said...


first of all, thanks for mentioning us!

Even though it is maybe not very explicit in the article, it is a list of viral video campaigns. Other formats were not considered for this list. There are of course many other huge viral successes that could have been mentioned too - like Subservient Chicken, hotmail etc.

I totally agree - humour is definitely a very good "ingredient" to include in an attempt to create a campaign that goes viral.

Best regards,

Kristofer Mencák - GoViral

7:24 pm  

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