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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


A round up of some lexically-inclined gubbins that you might not be aware of:

1. Wordie - it's the most fun that you can have with a dictionary and your clothes on.

2. Flicktion - A project by Andrew Losowsky ('Madrid hypertext multimedia author'), using doorbells in Florence as a jumping off point for his tale. You can see text and images here, or obtain the full text from Lulu.

3. A great paper from Ray at Grow via Brand Channel is well worth a read, not least for the provocative claim that we are getting closer to the age of the soverign consumer. He doesn't mention the notion of personalised/individualised production (mass customisation on demand, object printing), but it's a good summary of an inspiring future positive.

4. As noted in The Guardian on Saturday - Indexed. Genius, non?

5. Nick at Ewarwoowar is in throes of a project exploring tongue twisters in foreign tongues. Find out more here.


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