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Friday, December 01, 2006

Commercial: Ahahahahahahahahahaha

Yesterday, at Ofcom's conference on Communications and Convergence: Challenges for 21st century Digital Economies, James Murdoch of BSkyB said this (as sourced from Reuters):

"The triumph of the free market surely indicates that broadcasting should be more like other industries...In recent years, the direction has been absolutely clear: the private sector does more and the state does less.

"Not in the case of broadcasting, at least in the UK. Indeed, the UK's main state broadcasting agency, the BBC, famously fantasises about creating a 'British Google' -- and wants the taxpayer to fund it.

"This is not public service; it's megalomania."

That's James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch, accusing someone else of megalomania.

I hurt my back when I fell off my chair laughing.


Blogger Julian Iselin said...

So you're more afraid of the power of a public corporation than the coercive power of the government? I think that's delusive.

12:04 pm  
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