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Monday, November 06, 2006

Listorama: (Former) gangs of New York

The Baxter Street Dudes
The Bowery Boys
The Buckoos
The Car Barn Gang
The Chisel Gang
The Crazy Butch Gang
The Daybreak Boys
The Dead Rabbits
The Fashion Plates
The Forty Thieves
The Five Points Gang
The Frog Hollows
The Gas House Gang
The Hudson Dusters
The Kerryonians
The Little Doggies
The Molasses Gang
The Neighbour's Sons
The Plug Uglies
The Red Onions
The Roach Guards
The Shirt Tails
The Swamp Angels
The Strong Arm Squad
The Tub of Blood Bunch
The Whyos

Source: Guardian, G2, date lost


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