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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Commercial 11: Happiness charter

happiness charter
Originally uploaded by SgtRock333.
Some thoughts on how to make a creative team happier in a currently uncreative space:

Stop and look out of the window: you'll start something else

Celebrate your successes with others; commiserate after your setbacks with others: the highs will be higher, the lows less low

Say it loud: if you find it funny, chances are someone else will

Be provocative, not negative

Keep moving: let your feet dance under the table. No one will ever know

Let others unstick you

Be oblique: it's the most direct way

Wiki wiki wiki (or, collaborate to succeed): a problem shared is a problem solved; an idea shared is inspiration doubled

Interrupt: no one minds being distracted; everyone minds being ignored

A conversation is always worth having


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