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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Capsule 2: Comment is free...

(as discussed in an email with nycM last week. Publication prompted by this today):

Subj: I'm torn


a) really liking the idea, if not the execution

b) wondering whether the tendency towards shorter, quicker posts (because that’s what will eventually evolve) from however eminent a writer will actually aid comprehension

c) screaming at the nav/design – how do you find things? It seems to be organised by ego… sorry, that should be writer; and why is not calmer rather than so busy – goes against Porter’s stated aims for redesign of paper

d) wondering if this is an opportunity to enter the gilded circle

e) posing a question: will it fail like Kinsley’s LA Times wikitorial?

One more thing: that image of CP Snow at the bottom of the page? Really unnecessary.


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