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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 39

What's on your mind, BetaRish?

My eclipse is complete

is washing his face in your sink

The trouble with me is just water under the bridge

is the fight you came for

Mouth, bad taste etc

is dissolved like a parliament

Look up. What do you see?

is a fool with a feel for foolish behaviour

Where’s my Maundy purse then?

Hello desk
Wiggle the niggles away with a giggle
I am mostly snot, Lemsip, coughs and jetlag
kay, whatabout amirite?  
*mic drop* *crane bounce*
is an armful
is touch about some previous comments he made eight years ago
has found treachery in his perfidy
Mither, muckle, mizzle do
is a delinquent descendent of late 80s Belgian dance music’s hybrid aesthetic
Where’s me red flag?
goes to quiet places to make his brain loud
is a template for data analysis
Vote early, vote often &c
has not been shuffled
is in debate with delectable
is looking up
until the end
*thinks* *feels* *stop thinking*
wotcha gonna promise me this time?
is a dream of a setting sun
is trying to carpe his diems
is all and nothing
Here we are, here we are in my Paisley Underground crib
You can only step into the river of data with a spreadsheet
is a blazer
is a vellum parchment
For a short week, this has been a long week
remains stunned that June could ever be considered flaming
is all the way back to then beginning again
is on time for being late
is dancing to Marquee Moon
is hyperlexic
is filling in boxes
asked, and is still waiting to get
lacks the necessary temporal conditions
is waiting for the great leap forward
is spearheading your public radio station’s membership drive
has forgotten what the question is but knows the answer is Yes



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