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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Poetry: Rhyme for the Tube competition

Most of you Londoners and/or regular Tube users will have no doubt seen the lovely rhyming posters exhorting everyone else – because your etiquette is perfect – to be that ever bit more considerate of your fellow travellers.

Think you can do better, with your spondees and dactyls actually changing people's behaviour? Well, here's your chance.

Pick one of the those things that narks you about travelling on the Tube: people scoffing smelly food, talking too loudly on their phones, you know the drill. Then write a short rhyming poem about it, and why people jolly well shouldn't do it.

The winning poem will not only end up emblazoned on posters right across the network, but the winning poet's fizzog will also feature in the cartoon in said posters too.

Need inspiration? Here's one I just cranked out:

"On the escalator, don't stop on the left
As those walking down will be bereft.
You won't have to do anything grand:
Just move to the right if you'd like to stand."

Of course you can do better. Jump to it! More details in the poster below, and full info at the #travelbetterlondon tumblr.



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