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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 36

What's on your mind (BetaRish)?

The lamps never go out on social media

is an extended preamble

is struggling with remoteness, access

is tousled of mane

lacks a usable phrase for this slot

is a series of watery adjectives

The clowns have it hardest

is a silo-buster

1914 called. It wants its geopolitical instability back

has a knickerbocker and doesn’t know what to do with it

is readying his album of sentimental presentiments

Always good to bump into Beth Emmens in Hammersmith, plotting world domination

Will you still love a man out of time?

is quiet, and the good citizen is happy

is trying to discourage frivolous Facebooking, especially by servants

is dodging the inevitable

Bouncy bouncy run stop

is practising his forward defensive

is he?

is making hard lemonade

is the results of love and wine

is a dromomaniac

has been today he hasn’t filled this bit in

Crank, squeak, grind, pffut. That’d be my back saying hello

is a haptic interface

Whither the weather? Whatever

Tell you what

I wrote for luck

is still contemplating a riot after The Riot Club

Hello democracy!

Fag-packet constitution? Or the back of an envelope job?

Destiny thy name is Scone

is living in a Buster Keaton movie today

But what was decided?

This bird is waddling

Wishes J. Alfred a happy birthday

Bend and flex, flex and bend

Taste is on the tongue of the beholder

and the blue eagle blues

r u gonna poem doe? #nationalpoemday

is a house of tine and timber

Oh man, nervous already

Well, on we go

is being tidal

[insert rant about senior management types here]

Not sure emojis are widening my vocabulary

is now being followed by a black sheep

has failed to do this today



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